Julsingel i samarbete med Dennis Rönngård & Tobias Granbacka

Hej på er!

Nu finns vår alldeles egna julsingel vid namn “Mjuka Paket” ute! Nedanför kan ni ta er en lyssning på den. Vi kommer även att hålla 2 julkonserter i december där nya singeln blandat med julmusik och egen musik kommer att spelas!

Här kan man komma och lyssna till våra konserter:

14.12 kl.18.00 Brandkårshuset / Jakobstad

15.12 kl.18.00 Scala / Nykarleby

Vill man beställa singeln kan man maila till: dennis@dennisronngard.com eller nina@ninalassander.com


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      • We just couldnt leave your website before saying that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your virotiss… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

    • it is not clear and used the qualifier “in general” when describing the consequence from the Handbook of Instructions. I agree that we can’t always assume that genitalia correctly represents someone’s identity. I’ve said this so carefully and so many times it’s frustrating to then be challenged as if I hold a completely different position. However, I have also said I trust the leaders of the church to make the determination about how to understand the binary nature of gender, and I stand by that. Where you see ambiguity, I agree. Where there’s a solution in modern day revelation, that’s where we may differ.

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